The experts at South Beach Vision understand that your eyes are one of your most vital organs and need to be protected. Natural protection is provided by our cornea, tear film, eyelids and eyelashes. Eyelashes not only serve an important function, they have become the frame of our eyes. Presenting the unique beauty we all posses in our array of iris colors and textures. Many of our patients in Miami Beach want to have lush, long luxurious eyelashes and genetics may have given them the short end of the mascara stick. Our optometrist understands this desire and can help. We are experts in cosmetic ocular enhancements. Even if you don’t live in South Beach, Miami Beach it’s well worth the drive over the bay for the cosmetic consultation we provide during our comprehensive eye exam. Call 305-877-2026 to schedule your appointment today. 2015 is right around the corner, get that look you have been dreaming of and start the new year off with a bang…..and stunning eyelashes.

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