Antireflective Coatings (AR)

Antireflective coatings are crucial to reduce glare off of the eye from light reflecting on the back surface of the lens. This glare can cause you discomfort and difficulty viewing objects as well as obscure your eyes from those viewing you. Antireflective coating reduces this glare significantly. The new hydrophobic AR coatings also reduce fogging and help water disperse off of the lens quickly. These coatings are necessary for all prescription glasses. Without AR coatings the patient will likely decrease comfortable wear time and dramatically increase how the lenses are noticed by others. With AR people seeing you with your glasses will comment on the stylish frames and how beautiful they look versus the amount of reflections they’re seeing trying to look you in the eye.

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses such as Transitions are excellent options for those who do not want two separate pairs of glasses for indoors and outdoors. These are lenses that have a high-tech chemical composition which reacts to sunlight and darkens quickly outdoors. These are great lenses for people who wear their glasses full-time, as they will not have to take off and put on secondary sunglasses or clip-ons. This lens option has become much more advanced in the last few years and darken very quickly outside and lighten to a very clear appearance indoors. It is to be noted that these do not work well inside of enclosed vehicles because of the UV blocking from the windshield. This is why it is always recommended to have a back up pair of sunglasses for driving but for most other uses a photochromic lens is an excellent choice.

UV Coatings

UV coating is necessary to protect your eyes from the damaging UV rays from the sun.  This coating is inherent in certain lens materials such as poly-carbonate lenses, but must be added on other lenses types such as glass or CR 39 plastic. The importance of this coating cannot be overstated as UV light has been directly linked to the development of early cataracts, macular degeneration, neoplasms and cancers of the eye and eyelids.

Blue Light Filters

Blue light filters are now becoming very popular with the increased use of LED digital screens which have a wavelength of light spectrum close to that of UV light.  This light has been shown to potentially damage sensitive ocular structures and can cause problems with the circadian rhythm. The blue light from digital devices mimics daytime sunlight and computer/phone/tablet use at night can make sleeping difficult. These lenses are great when used for computer and reading glasses as well as any full-time glasses that are used for both the distance and near viewing.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are incredible for sunglasses as they reduce glare off of flat surfaces and improve vision in bright light situations such as driving. They’re also extraordinarily helpful and breathtaking when used looking out on flat water surfaces during water-sports or fishing. With polarized lenses you will be able to see through the top layer of the water and see fish and other sea life under the water that others with regular sunglasses cannot. These are the only types of sunglasses most people purchase once they start wearing a polarized lens as they are significantly more comfortable and useful.

Progressive Addition Lenses (PALs)

Progressive addition lenses are high-tech blended bifocal lenses that allow viewing at many different focal points. The center of the lens where normal distance viewing occurs has the patient’s distance prescription and as the patient looks down into the lens the intermediate vision prescription slowly increases to their near reading prescription. These lenses have advanced significantly over the past few decades and are now some of the most useful lens options for those who need both distance and near vision help (mostly patients over the age of 45). The new digital lens technology has improved these designs and made them much more comfortable to wear and adapt to quickly.


At South Beach Vision our optical offers all of the latest advanced lens options and we recommend a thorough education on these with one of our expert team members. We want you to not only see your best, but enjoy your new spectacle lenses and frames. You will have others comment on how they look and you will note how useful they are for your visual needs. We are your Miami Beach vision and eye care specialists. We have an extensive selection of spectacle frames and sunglasses to choose from. Our optical has something for everyone’s budget and taste. Please call or come in and see us today. Your eyes will thank you. We are South Beach Vision and we are focused on you.  We offer Miami Beach eye care and we are focused on you.

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