At south beach vision we are experts at prescribing eyeglasses, specialty contact lenses, and co-managing LASIK surgery.  Dr. Stelzer also has extensive experience working with some of the best ophthalmologists in the country.  He has helped plan procedures with implantable contact lenses and intraocular refractive lenses for many patients with amazing results.  Some of the best vision can be achieved from the use of implantable contact lenses. These lenses are appropriate for highly nearsighted ( myopic) patients who want independence from glasses similar to LASIK surgery.  This is an excellent alternative to LASIK as it can be reversed and often gives visual acuity results better in may ways than corneal refractive surgery, contacts, and glasses can for patients with such high prescriptions.

Since it was introduced in 2006, the Visian ICL has been improving the vision of the bravest people in our nation under the harshest of conditions imaginable. In fact, to date surgeons in the US military have implanted over 3,000 ICLs with results that are nothing less of heroic. In a retrospective analysis of outcomes in 139 consecutive eyes of US military personnel implanted with the Visian ICL:

  • 100% of patients believe the Visian ICL enables them to function and perform better
  • More than 80% patients achieve UVCA on 20/15 or better
  • 86% achieve UCVA the same or better than per-op BCVA

The bottom line? If the Visian ICL can meet the needs of US soldiers on the battlefield, you can be confident it will deliver excellent vision for demanding younger patients with active, fast-paced lifestyles – every day.

For complete details on how the Visian ICL is delivering ultimate vision performance to the US military, click on the link below.

More Info on the Visian ICL can be found at:

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