Living in and practicing as an Optometrist in Miami Beach I know there are a lot of factors that can affect your eyes.  Miami Beach offers all the amazing tropical things we seek outdoors. We all know we need sun screen for our skin, but what about our eyes? The sun, surf and sand all pose potential dangers to us and we must use protective eyewear and eye protection to avoid dangerous exposure to harmful UV rays.

What eye care to use in South Beach (H2)

When you’re outside make sure you use UVA/UVB protective sun glasses as well as polarizing filters are highly recommended to reduce glare. Adherence to using these lenses can prevent sunburn to the cornea (photokeratitis) as well as reduce the risk of degenerative processes such as cataract formation and macular degeneration.


Besides UV there is also dangers in the waters around South Florida. If you wear contact lenses it is advisable to remove prior to swimming in salt water and pool water as infectious keratitis is much more likely with exposure to pathogens living in these waters.

There is also wind exposure which can aggravate all ocular surface disease and dry eye conditions. This along with UV exposure can lead to changes to the normal tissue of the eye and unsightly and visually threatening growths such as pinguecula and pterygia.


It is advisable for every one of every age to have a pair of UV coated protective lenses (prescription or non-prescription) over their eyes outdoors every day of the year as UV can be significant even when there is not direct sunlight noticeable. This will help prevent damage to your eyes and keep your eyes healthy for years to come.

These steps along with annual comprehensive eye examinations with your optometrist will keep your eyes healthy and protected so you can enjoy your time in our wonderful area. Contact South Beach Vision today and let us help you get your eyes beach ready.

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