Toric/astigmatism contact lenses

For patients with a certain amount of astigmatism, toric contact lenses should be fit for best vision. Astigmatism is a common condition in which the eye’s cornea or natural lens is not perfectly round. Astigmatism of the eye causes blurred vision at all distances and can be especially bothersome with glare at night. Patients with high astigmatism sometimes have difficulty finding luck with contact lenses. If necessary, we will order that custom pair you need. Our doctors will fit you with the best contacts available on the market, and make sure it works with your eye.

Multifocal/monovision contact lenses

If you wear multifocal glasses such as progressives or bifocals, use readers, or even remove your glasses to read, you may benefit from multifocal or monovision contact lenses. These lenses can allow the patient to see better at both distance and near. Many of our patients want to read a menu at dinner or use a cell phone without having to wear glasses or readers. Since one type of lens does not fit all and different patients have different needs, we will trial your best options available and find the fit that works best for you.

Daily disposable contact lenses

More people are now switching to daily disposable contacts because of the many benefits patients are experiencing wearing these lenses. Daily disposable contacts drastically reduce the risk of infection that can occur with reusable contact lenses. Having a fresh pair of contacts every day means you will always have that “first day feel” when switching to a new pair. Breathability in daily disposable lenses today is also extremely high, giving the cornea more oxygen which is beneficial to eye health. You will also no longer have to buy or use contact lens solutions, or wonder if your contact lens case is still clean. We only carry the most comfortable, doctor-approved daily disposable contacts and our patients leave with the best experience possible. They also come in toric and multifocal options. Our office has partnerships with top brands, enabling us to provide you great rebates on these lenses you can’t find online.

Contact Lens Exam

Florida law dictates that we must have a valid contact lens prescription to fill any contact lens orders. The management fees for fitting and evaluation vary depending on the time and complexity of your case. The Contact Lens Evaluation is billed separately from the Comprehensive Eye Exam and is typically not covered in full by insurance. The price of The Contact Lens Evaluation for the contacts mentioned above, range from $149 to $299