When your eye doctor tells you to replace your contacts on a specific schedule, it’s not a recommendation. Contact lenses can cause major harm and even loss of vision if worn improperly or for a time period beyond their designed use. The contact lens material breaks down over time and tear components such as proteins, lipids, and mucin build up. These combine with environmental factors like dust, pollen, and bacteria and you have a gross coating called a “biofilm”. This biofilm can cause immune reactions which can irritate and damage you eye and even lead to serious eye infections. Contacts are medical devices that must be fit by a licensed eye doctor. Make sure you visit an expert like Dr. Adam Stelzer to get an annual contact lens examination and contact lens fitting . He will make sure your eyes are healthy and help you obtain your best vision. Please call South Beach Vision at 305-877-2026 or make an appointment online at www.SouthBeachVision.com to make sure your are not in harms way.

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