We want our practice to be unique, not only for our patients, but for the entire community.

South Beach Vision stays involved in charities and community programs such as the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and The Heiken Children’s Vision Program.  Dr. Stelzer has an extensive history of commitment to organizations such as the Miami-Dade (MDOPA) and Florida Optometric Association (FOA). Both nonprofit organizations are dedicated to promoting the eye health and vision care of Floridians through the practice of optometry and by dedicated volunteers/representatives, such as Dr. Stelzer.

The Miami Lighthouse for the Blind’s Vision Rehabilitation Services and The Heiken Children’s Vision Program have helped thousands of our visually impaired neighbors lead better and happier lives. The Heiken Children’s Vision Program provides free comprehensive eye examinations, including dilation and prescription eyeglasses, to financially disadvantaged students throughout Florida who do not otherwise have access to exams.

Both organization’s dedication to the visually impaired is unparalleled and is a model for charitable organizations across the nation.

These programs are critical to our community and we have pledged our support to them and ask for your assistance in our continued efforts.

South Beach Vision sells custom engraved wine glasses and beer pints for just $10.00. All of the profit will be donated to the local charity, Miami Lighthouse for the Blind. Please consider picking one up at your next eye exam. You can also click their logo above and donate to help our visually impaired neighbors in South Florida.

We are Focused On You… and our Less Fortunate.