The dangers of online eye examinations and prescription eyeglasses: You get what you pay for!

As a Miami Beach optometrist I see my share of interesting patients. Many are very interested in the highest quality eye wear possible and top-notch service, which we pride ourselves in providing at South Beach Vision. We do rarely get patients who are more interested in being extremely price conscious and finding the lowest prices on products, regardless of quality. We offer many products that can help accommodate all budgets and we pride ourselves in making sure that the service we give to every patient is the best in the business.

Even with offering different levels of optical goods, we want to keep a certain quality level threshold to make sure our patients are given proper quality products and optimal vision when they receive their glasses. Just like any thing in life, you get what you pay for. Just because certain things look like they are similar in appearance when you get down to the design of spectacle frames and lenses, the optics and quality of materials can make drastic differences in the visual performance of these medical devices.

Online “eye exams” are not exactly what they claim. The are hardly an eye exam at all and merely a rudimentary online refraction to get a very basic estimate of your refractive error. This is only one small part of what we do during an actual eye exam. But, we perform a subjective manifest refraction in a significantly more complex and accurate manner performed by an EYE DOCTOR when we get your glasses prescription at the office. We measure many other things, including ocular deviations, prismatic need and the focusing ability of your eyes…which cannot be duplicated outside of the office. A one on one fitting with our highly trained optical staff. The evaluation of the exact measurement of your pupillary distance, optical center, prismatic displacement and segment heights for the specific pair of glasses and complex lenses you choose at our optical also vitally important factors and cannot be duplicated by online glasses purchases.

The false claims of high quality and low-price will soon reveal themselves once the glasses you purchase come with wear difficulties and issues needing correction. These become a problem when you have to deal with a computer to get these fixed instead of a live skilled person at the optical where you were professionally fit. We highly advise patients to consider all of this before making their decision.

We obviously would like to have our patients as our optical patrons, not just so that we can capture your business, but more importantly so we can make sure you’re getting the best quality products and vision from our prescription eye wear that we prescribed, fit and dispensed. Our expert optical staff do everything in our power to make it perfect the first time and if it does not come out that way due to either measurement errors or a lab defect, we are able to take care of this for our patients. You can’t say the same about online glasses as these are not able to be evaluated on your eyes by a professional who will accurately diagnose and fix issues correctly. We cannot even start to discuss the multitude of problems caused by lower quality optical frames and lenses as there are so many possibilities when you start getting into cheaply made products. Just like a knockoff designer bag will not last or give you the same performance as a high-quality hand-stitched designer bag.

Prescription glasses and contacts are medical devices which should not be shopped for as if they were socks or underwear, which in the worst case could be uncomfortable. These could cause serious vision issues and discomfort and often are unable to be corrected without replacement. This almost inevitably leads to a visit at a quality optometry office and optical and the purchase of additional prescription eye wear that are accurate and of higher quality. It often takes the first bad experience of online shopping for patients to realize that the quality of complex individual items (such as medical devices to perfectly correct vision) does not equal the quality and reliability you can get from a professional fitting and dispensing of prescription lenses at an optometry office and their optical.

We pride ourselves in serving the Miami Beach area as the go to professionals and optical with the best service and products. We want our patients to come back year after year. Our main focus is giving you the best service, vision and ocular health for the rest of your life. Please call 305-877-2026 for an appointment so that we can review your eye condition today. If you’re dissatisfied with your lenses from another source please come in and see how we can help fix that problem. We are focused on you! Contact our optometrist today.

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