At South Beach Vision we pride ourselves in carrying the best quality glasses in South Beach. We know that our patients do not want to just wear any “run-of-the-mill” eyeglasses. They would prefer to show off their unique and stylish personality with something special that not everyone else is wearing. We have found that overtime a lot of the products sold at the big-box stores simply do not cut it for the quality, luxury and uniqueness our patients expect.

With this mindset, we have embarked on carrying more private label brands that will suit the desires of our patients and give the quality craftsmanship we believe is lacking in a large portion of the eyewear market. These frames offer expert design and unmatched quality. They possess unique aesthetics that are sure to please today’s mindful and astute consumer. We are continuously looking to bring on new exiting lines and have brought the following collections to our South Beach Vision over the past few months.  Look for more and more unique lines to come.


In an over-manufactured, mass marketed and mass produced world, SALT. believe consumers deserve more. Whatever has been gained in inexpensive pricing has also been met with a significant decline in product quality and a more distant human connection. SALT. is about handmade products, sold by owner/operators and marketed with real everyday people. We want to bring back the fundamentals to eyewear.

The SALT. tagline, “Simple Things Made Well,”

SALT. appeals to the values outside of eyewear and aesthetics. We’re crafting meaning. Anyone in the world can appreciate quality and design. It’s important for us to have a good intention and like-minded quality for the consumer.

SALT. has a different mindset—different sensibilities. With hand-crafted goods, there’s more at stake. Someone not as keen to the benefit of it will generally go through a mass-manufactured product. Over time they’ll slowly discover, based on difficulties or problems that they’ve had, what level of quality they’re truly dealing with. That is a great time for us, as a brand and Custom Eyes as an independent partner to educate those produced consumers about the value of premium products.

 It takes 130 steps to make a handcrafted SALT. frame, made with higher quality materials, from start to finish. To make or design anything, it’s much harder to create a shape or product that is stripped down to simplicity with a balanced fit than it is to design something where the focus is purely on aesthetics–with extraneous ornamentation and filigree. The hardware we use in our frames marries form and function. It’s tastefully done. We believe that the best style is effortless and natural, not forced or robotic. The SALT. style is timeless, not trendy.


iGreen is a unique product line which combines style and technology in an unprecedented collection! The new and revolutionary polymer at its core gives it flexibility, lightness and resistance which have never before been seen, offering sensational comfort. iGreen means style and is distinctively trendy and vibrant. The Chamaleo-ICG system and the interchangeable temples let you customize your glasses, playing with the colors and making them a truly personal accessory which is refined and elegant.

iGreen frames consists of 21 different styles in at least 5 different colors and all models have interchangeable temples.  The frames are made of a new plastic polymer that is very flexible and ultra lightweight.

iGreen is environmentally friendly because it produces almost no waste during production. The manufacturing of iGreen frames is clean and environmentally safe because they require less water and less electricity to produce compared to traditional eyeglass frames.

The new iGreen 5.0 collection is now available in custom designs.  Choose from a full selection of different colors and patterns to make a pair of glasses that is as unique as you are.  Nose pads may also be added to the glasses that you choose.


iGreen incredibly weighs only 5 grams, you’ll soon forget you are wearing it.


iGreen is extraordinarily flexible, with perfect shape memory!


Despite its lightness and flexibility iGreen is durable and resilient, the ideal companion for everyday life!


Each iGreen model fits perfectly, guaranteeing unparalleled comfort, even when wearing it for the whole day.


Changing the temples on your i Green glasses is very simple. In less than a minute your “new” glasses will be ready to wear! Lift the temple where it protrudes from the front, lever it on the inside a bit, as if you were using a corkscrew. Then clip the new temple to the front and your new iGreen is ready to be shown off!


Throughout 31+ years in the optical industry, Europa has proven to be one of the most dynamic eyewear and sunwear manufacturers in the United States. We are happy to be able to offer these glasses in the South Beach area.

This diverse collection features both traditional, unisex styling and the ultimate in high fashion designs for those seeking a unique look. All Scott Harris models are constructed from the finest components available, including spring hinges from Germany and Japan, and a wide array of base metals from Japan.

Expert design and incredible style at a great price.



Swissflex Eyewear offers the best wearing comfort in every respect – and not just in terms of the light weight. The unequalled comfort level is based on the fitting options, the modular frame system and innovative Swiss high tech:


The high performance polymer with medical properties is ultralight, flexible, stable and antiallergenic. The unique fit systems for nose and ears make optimal adjustment possible.


The great variety of combination options creates individual flexibility in terms of style and functionality.

  • 100% SWISS MADE

The Swiss design, development and production ensure precise processing standards and thus the highest quality.

The comfort benefits are noticeable right away. Try a Swissflex frame and feel the Swissflex Wow for yourself with our South Beach glasses!

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