Don’t be fooled into getting a refraction versus a comprehensive eye examination with your Miami Beach optometrist.

We now live in a society where convenience and ease of use has become not only a necessity but our right. We pride ourselves at South Beach Vision in providing only thorough comprehensive eye examinations with our licensed board certified doctors of optometry. We provide efficiency and convenience without compromising patient care. Other alternative sources for glasses and contact lens prescriptions (refraction only tests) are not comprehensive and put patients at risk of blindness and potentially life-threatening conditions.

When we go get our eyes tested at the DMV often times people misunderstand this as a vision examination. This is not only incorrect it is severely insufficient to measure anything quantitative or qualitative about our vision. What we do at South Beach Vision and other private practice optometrist’s offices is to measure refractive error and visual acuity as only one small fraction of the comprehensive eye examination.

Our optometrists measure the balance between the eyes, how the eye muscles react, focusing, depth perception and allow the patient to give us input on how they feel with their final prescription. That’s just the start. Next our doctors go into an in-depth evaluation of ocular health by using a microscope examination of the anterior surface of the eye. Then we perform a dilated examination of the retinal tissue, evaluate the optic nerve and vasculature health of the eye.

This can reveal many different conditions that cannot only affect vision, but can also be life-threatening. A little inconvenience to get a dilated eye examination (which can cause mild light sensitivity and near vision blur for several hours) is well worth the benefits. A doctor of optometry can diagnose early vascular and neurological issues that could lead to blindness and/or death by dilation and microscopic examination.


The next time you go to get your eyes examined by a Miami Beach optometrist don’t choose the easy path and deny a dilation. The small inconvenience could potentially save your vision and or your life. It is well worth the few hours of blurriness.

Refusing or not being offered a dilated exam would be the same thing as going to your dentist and only opening your mouth reveal your front teeth thus not letting them examine the back of your mouth. There is a whole plethora of potential issues that we diagnose on a regular basis that would be impossible without a dilated examination.

Make sure you see a licensed doctor of optometry in person and have a thorough examination for a complete comprehensive eye examination. Do not settle for just a refraction. Getting prescriptions for glasses and contacts is only one small portion of eye care. Make sure you take full advantage of your highly trained eye doctor and don’t put yourself at risk unnecessarily by opting for an incomplete evaluation.

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